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Countless Probability & Efficient Working

Buizmark enhanced features gives you the access to promote your marketing beyond the inbox. You can connect with potential people to lift the business at new heights.

Auto Birthday & Anniversery Wishes

Wishes on special occassions build connections, and our automized system makes it simple. Just draft a personalized email once, and automatically for triggers like birthdays or new client on its welcome.

Invoicing & Stats in real time

Broadcast your voice to different groups of people who seem to be a potential buyer and you can mark stats and there by can frame plans on approaching interested prospects among them and friends. This data analysis would help marketers to choose the set of audience where they can display their products and services on occassions like season sale, offers, new arrivals. Buizmark has an easily operated invoice module which consists of all tools and format required for maintaining invoicing tasks of businesses which is more feasible for accounting. Here you can create, view,and manage various settings product wise.

Smart Managing with less Management

Once you added contacts to your automated list, they’ll start receiving a scheduled emails time to time conveying your product updates. Stay engaged with your share of prospects.

Easy Customizations and Smart Tools

What's next to easy is our customizations for SMS, Emails, Calls. The settings section has options like mail templates, auto greetings one touch contacting many more to be provided by Buizmark.

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